Lea DeLaria Interviewed by Style Magazine: Ink, Drink, and Singing in the Kitchen

Style LD

Style interviewed OITNB‘s Lea DeLaria (Big Boo Black) about her “ink, drink of choice, and singing in the kitchen.”

DeLaria dishes on growing up Italian, and her hundred-year-old family recipes that she makes with love and care. At sixteen, she learned how to make the family “gravy” (she doesn’t call it sauce).

DeLaria loves entertaining and hosts dinner parties with her friends, which can either be classy or “white trashy.”

If you ever make it over to one of DeLaria’s fabulous parties, make sure to keep an eye out for her collection of mini spoons. She lifts them from all the restaurants she goes to. “I tour, and it started when I was living in Great Britain and was touring a ton. It was an easier way to remember all of my gigs…they would bring you tea with these little spoons for the sugar/cream. So I just started collecting them. I have a New York and Brooklyn collection, too. I know where every single one came from!”

Oh, and did you know Big Boo Black’s “BUTCH” tattoo is actually DeLaria’s?

The article also asks DeLaria questions “What’s your kryptonite?” and fill-in-the blanks like “If you had to be the spokesperson for a food or beverage, what would it be . . . “

What’s your food philosophy?

Salad is an assault on my person.

Click the image above to read this article on Style.


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