Season 3 Predictions Solely from the Trailer

Pennsatucky is shown to be bringing the new inmates into Litchfield, effectively taking over Lorna Morello’s job. It’s safe to say that they caught wind of Morello’s transgression, though it does not appear as though she was thrown into the SHU for it, for she is present for Alex and Piper’s reunion.

Red and Piper are shown to be wearing blue plastic-ish gowns, which might indicate that Litchfield has caught lice!

Nicky Nichols is shown in civilian clothes, and from her cheering in what appears to be an attorney’s office, perhaps she is being released. (Although I hope this isn’t the case; she’s one of my favorite characters!)

Crazy Eyes and Taystee are shown in a passionate embrace sobbing. Perhaps these two “daughters” of Vee are coming to terms with the real Yvonne Parker. (This is likely a good guess, considering the fact that Jenji Kohan reported that season 3’s focus is on faith and motherhood.)


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