Uzo Aduba Talks about Her Emmy,


Entertainment Weekly spoke with Uzo Aduba last month about winning her first Emmy and about her career.

“My mom has done everything that someone hopes that someone might do when it comes to supporting your child. You know what I mean? Times when I did not believe, she believed enough for the both of us. She is my number one fan. My greatest advisor. My greatest supporter. And not just mine. I’m one of five. She is that way for all of us. She supports us all.”

Aduba reported that just after she auditioned for Suzanne, she sat on the train crying, believing that showing up 20 minutes late  had blown her chances of winning the part. After being rejected so many times, she decided to quit acting. Forty-five minutes after arriving home, she got the call telling her she had got the part. She had decided just minutes before that she would go to law school.

Aduba tells us that her mother calls her Zo Zo.

To read the full article, click the image above.




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