Lady Liberated: Laverne Cox in Entertainment Weekly June 19, 2015

Laverne Cox sat down with the writers at Entertainment Weekly to dish on her experience as a transgender woman in Hollywood. Over the course of the last year, Cox has become “the public face for transgender America.” Although she is “grateful” for that, she wonders:

“am I allowed to be a human being?”

Landing roles as a transgender woman is incredibly difficult, she reflects. Before taking the role as Sophia Burset on Netflix’s Orange is the new Black, she debated going to school to get a degree in women’s studies.

“My beauty is not about how I look. . . My beauty is about my heart and soul.”

Cox realizes that her character on Orange is a device to convey a political statement, but as the writers of EW note, we are still a ways away from the time when being transgender doesn’t have to be the cover story because it is entirely accepted.

Much of this interview reflects on times in Cox’s life when her struggles very closely mirror that of Sophia Burset. Writer Melissa Maerz notes that a flashback of Sophia’s life shown in season one where she stands before a mirror in a dress for Cox wasn’t acting. It was Laverne recreating her own struggles before the camera through Sophia Burset.

You can read the full article on Entertainment Weekly here.


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