Observer: OITNB Cast at the Designing Women Awards


Orange is the New Black‘s hair, makeup, and hair design team was honored a few weeks ago at the Designing Women Awards. They received the Variety ensemble award. Lea DeLaria emceed at the event. Orly Greenberg got the scoop from several cast members.

Lea DeLaria (Big Boo) found her role on OITNB refreshing:

[S]he found her roles limited to “PE teachers and police lieutenants, and the lesbian who inappropriately hits on straight women at every function. That was like my niche in the nineties.” New York, by contrast, allows her to, “Do anything. I play lesbians, I play straight girls, I play men, I play old, I play young. I play children!”

Barbara Rosenblat (Miss Rosa) was shocked upon receiving the script to the season two finale:

“I ran into the bathroom, shut the door, and screamed for five minutes.”

For the full article, click the image above.


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