Rolling Stone: OITNB Cast Interview Highlights

The June 18, 2015 cover of Rolling Stone featured Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon, but between the covers, we got to hear from several different cast members. Here are the highlights.

Before she was offered the part of Piper Chapman, Taylor Schilling promised herself that she would not take any parts where her character was not in the driver’s seat:

“[R]oles for women can really be like an appendage to someone else. It’s either the best friend or a girlfriend – you’re not at the seat of your own narrative.”

Laura Prepon admits that no other scripts that come across her desk provide her with the level of creativity that her role as Alex Vause does:

“A lot of the movies that I see right now, the material isn’t even close to as good as what I get to do every day.”

Creator Jenji Kohan vowed to make the cast of Orange is the new Black a diva-free zone. The cast often refers to her as the “mama bear:”

“I don’t want any assholes on my show.”

Uzo Aduba comments that the cast of Orange is very much like the Island of Misfit Toys in that everyone is diverse, is rebooting their career or has yet to blossom:

“What’s beautiful about Orange is you see this motley crew of women.”

Lea DeLaria was especially thrilled that she was able to bring sexuality to the table in a way that television has never explored it before:

“Having me have sex with a dildo was, like, the greatest thing ever.”

Danielle Brooks expressed a similar relief in how her appearance pushes the envelope on what television shows typically like to portray as the ideal for women:

“I was struggling so much and I was auditioning so much and I got so many no’s [as well as with] self-love as a curvy, plus-size woman.”

Selenis Leyva comments on how the show is not a beauty contest either.

“We have no makeup on, or added imperfections – they give you bigger pores, or highlight a pimple or bags under your eyes. We all look bad . . . [Except for Prepon] She manages to make that look sexy somehow. She always looks good, but I’ll forgive her.”

For more in-depth interviews with the cast, visit Rolling Stone online.


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