Kate Mulgrew Talks the Uniqueness of Shooting in NY, Females Uninterrupted by Testosterone to ‘Gay Times’

Kate Mulgrew is featured in an exclusive interview in the U.K.’s Gay Times, where she dishes on her newest memoir, Born with Teeth, her time as Captain Janeway, and her newest opportunity on the Netflix dramedy.

Mulgrew finds the show particularly wonderful because:

“We get to watch women at the height of their skills of survival.”

Mulgrew admits to always having been fascinated by prisons, so naturally the opportunity to play an incarcerated woman was exciting to say the least. Her role as Red was a “reinvention” of sorts. Many fans have no idea that she’s not even the slightest bit Russian. Orange opened up the opportunity for Mulgrew to reinvent herself and reinvigorate  her acting career after Star Trek, which is due for a 50 year celebration in London in 2016.

She is planning on writing another book, but she is unsure of the shape it will take. Mulgrew may touch on her years as Captain Janeway, for those were dark times in her life.


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