A Beautiful and Profound Interview with Laverne Cox (Nylon Magazine)

Nylon magazine interviewed Laverne Cox just a day after her return from Paris with the Orange Is the New Black cast. Gabrielle Korn sat down with Ms. Cox to learn more about her experience as a transgender woman in the 21st century. Among highlighting her strength and passion for self-acceptance, Korn notes Cox’s kindness as her defining quality.

In light of Caitlyn Jenner’s public coming out, Laverne Cox has been the go-to-gal for all questions concerning gender identity and beauty standards. Despite the immense amount of loved aimed her way, she admits that despite the overwhelming love from fans on social media, she questions how she is being judged:

“So many people on my social media pages say, ‘You’re gorgeous,’ and who doesn’t like hearing that? But it made me think: Are people saying I’m beautiful for a trans person? Are they saying I’m beautiful because they couldn’t tell I’m trans? I mean, you can find blogs where people are like, ‘Laverne Cox is drop-dead gorgeous,’ and there are other blogs saying I have ‘linebacker proportions.'”

To read this article on Nylon.com, click here.


One thought on “A Beautiful and Profound Interview with Laverne Cox (Nylon Magazine)

  1. I just wanted to say that we all have body issues and personal identity issues. The fact that so many Transgender people like yourself are coming out and speaking honestly is an amazing display of courage. The message always is about self worth and learning to love yourself and except yourself. You exemplify what being a strong person. really is. I’m so thrilled to see the world’s start to change before my eyes. You and many others are starting to irradicate some old and ugly attitudes on gender and sexual identity. Thank you for teaching people (even non Transgender like myself) to love ourselves and to love each other for who and what we are.


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