Variety Interview with Matt McGorry on His Television Roles

On June 9, 2015, Variety sat down with Orange‘s Matt McGorry (C.O. John Bennett) to discuss his roles on How to Get away with MurderOrange, and his other minor roles.

McGorry has gotten used to going to several auditions, but has managed to lower his expectations, allowing him to have fun. When he got the job on Orange, however, he had no idea that he was to appear in all episodes of the first season.

After attending a performing arts high school and majoring in theater at Emerson College in Boston, McGorry had his ups and downs on- and off-stage as well as with his lifting and personal training career. As a star on these two hit series, he is gradually becoming more confident in his on-camera abilities.

“It takes a volume of work to really become comfortable.”

As a part of two female-driven casts, McGorry has unexpectedly become a feminist. With his increased interest in gender equality, he sees his acting career as an informative experience.

Click here to read the full article on Variety.

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