Uzo Aduba to Star in UK Adaptation of ‘The Maids’

The Maids is a contemporary adaptation of Jean Genet’s play, which is set to premier at Trafalgar Studios (UK) on February 25, 2016. Uzo Aduba has won two Emmy awards for her work on Orange is the new Black, but she hasn’t seen a stage in a couple of years. With her upcoming role in NBC’s The Wiz Live! this December as ‘Glinda,’ it seems as though Aduba is returning to her theatrical roots.

The Maids is a psychological thriller that follows two maids who fantasize about killing their employer. This play delves into the underbelly of the class system as well as explores gender and sexuality.

Aduba expressed her excitement for her upcoming role:

“I wanted to be a part of The Jamie Lloyd Company because they’re interested in doing exciting work. Jamie reinvents classic plays in a way that we’ve never seen before or have explored before . . . To be part of a play that allows for three women to mine such complex characters inside of an already rich and thrilling story is the stuff that acting dreams are made on.”

Tickets for Monday performances are 15 British pounds and released monthly online on the first day of each month.


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