Bagged Food Is a Bag of Crap – The Prison Industrial Complex in 308: “Fear, and Other Smells”

Red may have regained the kitchen, but she has lost her right to carefully prepare what her fellow inmates eat. Danny Pearson and the new overlords of Litchfield have implemented the meal program that exists in most other prisons all around the country. While Red may have more time on her hands, the food creates more problems than it quells. As if some sick and twisted cosmic joke, Wanda Bell, over the PA system, announces to the women that the typical meal is 1,500 calories and that the women should “beware of overeating.” Most, if not all, women have difficulty stomaching their new regulated cuisine; however, those who have discovered the perks of the Ramen noodle flavor packets or the loophole of the kosher meal are still doing just fine.


To read the full treatment on Literary Litchfield, click here.


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