FELON PROFILE: Sister Jane Ingalls [Season 3 Update]


Sister Jane Ingalls (portrayed by Beth Fowler) was a background character in season one, a nun who we knew to have been incarcerated for protesting at a nuclear test site. However, we learn in season two that she was actually arrested for trespassing at the nuclear test site, a decidedly less badass sentence. One of the recurring friendships Sister Ingalls has is with Sophia Burset in seasons one and three. Moreover, she and Sophia were in charge of running the Litchfield Prison Christmas Pageant. Aside from the fact that she can’t watch a Russell Crowe movie straight-on and that she’s masturbated to a “ripped” statue of Jesus, we learn that Sister Ingalls is more human than we tend to perceive nuns as being.

Click here to read the full felon profile.


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