Dascha Polanco Interview with BigBoyTV: May 2016

Dascha Polanco (Dayanara Diaz) was interviewed by BigBoyTV about her life before acting, Orange, and her life now as a celebrity.

Polanco stated that she got her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, but she worked in the medical field up until a month before the first season of Orange was released on Netflix when she was fired from her job. She was worried about making a living until she saw what a success the show was.

In fact, her job is the reason why she almost missed her audition for Orange in the first place. She left work with fifteen minutes to spare, and when she walked into the audition, she read off lines and acted the part off the top of her head. Her role as Dayanara Diaz is her breakout role as an actress.

As a child, Polanco said she was insecure. She found that she could not relate to anyone in her neighborhood or on television because Hollywood was mainly white up until the past couple of years. She used to be very insecure at auditions. She now is less nervous. She explains,

“I’m not different anymore; I’m unique.”

Despite her success on Orange, she understands that while on a prison show, as in every other show, your job is never guaranteed, so Polanco is always prepared for the possibility that her character might be killed off or that she might get out of jail.

While she is still on the show, however, she is enjoying being recognized on the street. But she said that she doesn’t use the celebrity card ever to get herself a table at a nice I restaurant. She stated that she’s not comfortable doing it,

“I’m not entitled to anything,” Polanco said.

Watch the full interview below.


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