FELON PROFILE: George “Pornstache” Mendez [Season 3 Update & Season 4 Predictions]

Pornstache in PrisonGeorge Mendez (portrayed by Pablo Schreiber), also known as “Pornstache,” was a correctional officer at Litchfield Penitentiary in season one until he was suspended. He later returned in season two, but only for a short while. He looks a “D-List Burt Reynolds, but more rapey,” according to Brook Soso, and his appearance is very telling of his personality. He is misogynistic, the alpha male of the bunch, and a “sadistic fuck” (according to C.O. Wanda Bell). While the prison administration is corrupt in a variety of ways, Mendez is the only guard portrayed as reaping sexual favors in exchange for the drugs he smuggles into prison. He is also the only C.O. That feels invincible.

Click here to read the full felon profile.


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