JUICY Last-Minute Details: Vanity Fair & Digital Spy on Season 4 [Spoilers!]

Maria Ruiz is going to successfully take charge of Piper Chapman’s prison panty empire.

Piper Chapman, Alex Vause, and a third mystery actress will have one intense scene in a cornfield together. Vanity Fair pinpoints this scene as “some of the best acting of the show’s whole run.”

Lolly Whitehill, Maritza Ramos, and Aleida Diaz are going to endure quite a bit of heartbreak this season. My best guesses are the fact that Lolly is going to come to terms with what created her paranoia–likely through flashback storytelling. Maritza is walking directly into the malignant grasp of C.O. Charlie Coates. Aleida will likely be shut out of Daya‘s life entirely.

Vanity Fair additionally reports that a lot of events will occur up through episode six, when things really start to set into motion and explode.

Other topics have been identified for this season’s discussions: the disenfranchisement of the United States prison population, the amorality of corporate greed, and the longevity of rape culture.

And there’s one HELL of an ending we get to look forward to this season! The writer feels that Orange has always been a pioneer in exposing the injustices of America; however, season four allows the show to “finally fin[d] its message.”

Digital Spy also reported that the very first episode “features on of the show’s very darkest scenes to date.”

Judy King has been singled out as Litchfield’s newest villain who has been sent to Litchfield to make each of the inmates’ lives a a living Hell.

Our favorite inmates sent to Maximum Security and the SHU will be reappearing in the first half of the season (that means Nicky Nichols, Sophia Burset, and possibly even Stella Carlin and Miss Claudette Pelage!).

The very first episode will not feature a single flashback, making this the very first episode in the show’s history to not do so.


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