Praise for Orange Season 4: The A.V. Club and Chron

The A.V. Club praises Orange Is the New Black’s fourth installment as being “thrillingly off-kilter” and about as jam-packed as Litchfield’s overcrowded walls with “stellar performances.”

Judy King is said to impact the “Litchfield Ecosystem,” but she is by no means the Big Bad of this season. If anything, The A.V. Club believes, she’s a Big Good. And she’s also a dead-ringer for the love child of Martha Stewart and Paula Deen. That’s got to mean that she’s racist as all hell.

The website also praises series creator and show runner Jenji Kohan for her incredible series. As a rule, The A.V. Club reports that if a series is to bear its faults, it usually happens in season four. And this series’ foundation is “rock solid.”

Chron is similarly awed by the series’ fourth season, which is “arguably the series’ best since the first.”

They praise the variety of new characters that pour into Litchfield this season, stating that they are “mere teases” in the long-run.

Chron practically confers laurels unto Orange when they say, in so many words, that Orange Is the New Black is the biggest thing since ABC’s 2004 series, Lost. They anticipate that Orange is soon to be emulated by other TV writers.


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