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Laura Gomez (Blanca Flores) Talks about Her Character’s Shocking Back Story

Laura Gomez was pleasantly surprised to see that her character was receiving a back story in season 4, but she was even more pleased when she saw how jarring and different it actually was when compared to others’ origins.

“I had no preconception whatsoever. I figured it would be something out of the box. But it really, really was something shocking. I never expected kind of a revolutionary movement from Blanca,” Gomez reflected.

Moreover, Gomez believes that, although short, her character’s back story sheds more light on Blanca’s psyche as well as the experience of incarceration as a result.

“I thought it exposed Blanca’s temperamental nature. In a way its rebelling against the oppressor and kind of mirroring what the entire season is about. I think that the show has been very actively mirroring society right now and what’s going on.”

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