FLORES, Blanca

Although incredibly scary and emotionally unstable from the outside, Blanca Flores (portrayed by Laura Gomez) is quite a sharp individual. She fakes craziness and pretends to talk to the devil, or Diablo, while in the bathroom stall so that people don’t suspect her of sexting pictures to her boyfriend, Diablo, with her hidden camera phone which she stashes behind a brick in the stall. When the phone is discovered and confiscated, she flips out even more. We learn that she and Diablo tried having children, but he is infertile.

We learn in season 4 that Blanca was a home health aide to a racist rich old white lady who called her “Bianca” and barked orders at her all day long. Resisting being placed in a nursing home, Blanca was forced to deal with her and take her out and on errands. Diablo worked as her gardener, and when she discovered their romance, she fired him because he distracted her and because he was “covered in all those tattoos.” Even though the woman claimed she’d leave the house to her to get back at her daughter, Blanca could now sympathize with her daughter who didn’t seem to want to be bothered with her anymore.

In an act of defiance, she and Diablo had loud sex in the middle of the night on a chair in the woman’s room, waking her up and scarring her for life. From that day forward, the old woman was obedient and less demanding for fear of her home health aide.

Blanca does not know who her birth father is, but has a list of three men that might be her father.

She emerges as an actual person rather than a shadow when she asks for a camera phone in season two from C.O. John Bennett once they Latinas discover that they can control him by threatening to let out the secret that Daya is carrying his child and not Pornstache’s.

We learn a handful of fun facts about Blanca in season three. She once won a goldfish at a carnival and kept it alive for twelve years with nothing but Fruit Loops. It then met its end when she dared her cousin, Anton, to eat it.

While playing two truths and a lie, Blanca gives us the following possibilities:

  • She has six toes on her right foot (Proven true)
  • She lived on a Greyhound bus for a year.
  • She had to skip celebrating her 13th birthday because her mother doesn’t believe in it.

While we don’t get a clear-cut answer to which of the two remaining options is also true, the dialogue suggests that she did live on a bus for a year.

At the start of season 4, Flores alerts Maria Ruiz to the fact that since they outnumber the other races, they will have more power over the other prisoners and the facilities. Even so, she finds that the lines in the bathroom make it nearly impossible for her to shower, resulting in a rather dirty situation that, she discovers, makes C.O.s adverse to patting her down, which helps in her group’s case.

After avoiding showering for so long, however, despite orders from the COs, she is punished by being forced to stand on a table in the cafeteria until her legs gave out, forcing her to soil herself in front of everyone and to nearly pass out from hunger and dehydration, which goes on for endless days.

When she is finally allowed to get down, she finds herself back up on the table when she sees how Red is being deprived of sleep by Piscatella, thus starting the momentous silent protest.


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