Cesar Velazquez (portrayed by Berto Colon) is Aleida Diaz’s drug-dealing boyfriend who currently takes care of all of her children, and he “is guaranteed to fuck up.” In season one flashbacks, we discover that Aleida most likely went to jail because of him. After Aleida was imprisoned, Daya angrily seduced Cesar to get back at her mother.

A few years later with both Diaz women behind bars, Cesar meets “baby daddy” C.O. John Bennett at the Mother’s Day celebrations. After making a bit of a scene that could have gotten him into trouble, he tells him to come by the apartment to meet everyone some day. When Bennett finally gets the courage to go to the apartment, he sees that Cesar has found a new girlfriend to help him raise all of Aleida’s children. While he may not be the best influence, he cares about teaching the children discipline (even if he does threaten the children with a gun). While he believes that the children are “just happy that there’s an adult in charge,” he is likely scarring them more than he is doing them good.

When Daya has her baby, he and their cousin Jazmina go to pick up the baby, so they can raise her until she is out; however, the DEA busts the apartment and child services is called to take all of the children in.

Cesar is charged with conspiracy and two counts of assault and has been sentenced to ten years in prison.