FORD, Charles

C.O. Charles Ford (portrayed by Germar Terrell Gardner) is a senior prison staff member who immediately starts expressing concerns about his job security at the start of season three. While he is not typically involved in the main action of the plot, he gets into quite a  bit of trouble for failing to report contraband. He claims that since Leanne Taylor and Angie Rice approached him with the information that it was unreliable. Even though his blunder might have cost him his job, he correctly leads the chase to Joel Luschek, who  he suspects of trafficking heroin.

C.O. Ford also gets into some hot water when his negligence allowed Lorna Morello to let Miss Rosa steal a prison van and escape with it.

C.O. Ford is also the first to approach Joe Caputo when their hours and benefits are cut without notice, and he later joins the rest of the senior staff members in rallying to get their benefits and hours back.

When Caputo informs the prison guards that he has taken a promotion and advises them to lay low and accept their fate, Ford is one of the many prison guards to walk out of the break room dissatisfied. This suggests that Ford will not be returning for season four; however, nothing is set in stone.