MUCCIO, Vincent

Vincent “Vince” Muccio (portrayed by John Magaro) is Lorna Morello‘s new husband that we first meet in season three. While Morello originally begins talking to him as a way to scam lonely men for their money, she takes a liking to his sensitive yet strong personality. She says, “There’s something about a man in a gold chain that makes me feel protected.”

After flattering Vince and gaining his allegiance, Morello persuades him and his friends to go and beat Christopher up. When Vince gets antsy about not being able to spend more time with her, he proposes a break up despite the fact that he has feelings for her. Their relationship is like “blue balls but for my heart.”



In fear of losing Vince, Morello proposes to him, using a magazine clipping of an engagement ring. He accepts, even though “we might be crazy.” The two are immediately married in Litchfield Penitentiary and, due to C.O. Wanda Bell‘s grudge against Counselor Sam Healy, they are allowed a conjugal visit.

Season 4 proves to be tricky for his marriage to Lorna. He hides the fact that his “roommates” are his parents and kid brother, but  he fears disappointing Lorna when she finds out that he doesn’t live on his own and that he is not, in fact, a “man.” The next time he sees her during visitation, he explains that “It makes the most financial sense, you know, for the both of us.”

Despite their supposedly repaired relationship, Vinnie doesn’t visit for weeks. He’s happy to meet with her sister, Francine, though, but is caught off guard when Lorna calls to accuse him of having an affair with her, which shows him–for the very first time–just how crazy and possessive she can get. It’s unclear whether Vinnie will stick around for season 5, but he’s bound to be just as devastated as she if their marriage goes south.