Polly Harper (portrayed by Maria Dizzia) and her husband, Pete, are Piper and Larry’s best friend. After a whole day of creating delicious-smelling soaps, Piper suggests that they go into business and sell them, the proposed business name being “Poppy” (a combination if their two names). Polly is upset that her best friend is going to jail, especially since she will miss the birth of her baby, which she “promised” she’d be there for.

Since Piper is in jail, Polly is in charge of getting in contact with the people that are planning on selling their soaps; Polly begins to see her best friend’s incarceration, and her new child, as a good reason to put their business on hold. When she takes it upon herself to delay the business, Piper gets insulted for not being “consulted.”

Through a flashback to Polly’s wedding day, we can detect a hint of disbelief in Polly about Piper’s sexuality (although it’s really none of her business, nor is it her place to judge). We also learn that Polly is a bit snarky: “I like being the target of envy. It means I’m winning.”

After her husband runs off to “find himself” in season two, she is left virtually alone until Larry starts hanging out with her and helping her out. This relationship eventually leads to an affair, which breaks up her marriage with Pete and solidifies Larry and Piper’s break-up.

After visiting Piper in prison to get her “blessing,” it is safe to say that she, Pete, and Larry will no longer be a major part (if in the series at all) from here on out.


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