BELL, Wanda

C.O. Wanda Bell (portrayed by Catherine Curtin) is a prison guard at Litchfield Penitentiary who has been known to put almond extract behind her ears because it “[m]akes [her] smell like a cookie.” While she was not particularly known for being a likable character in season one, as she was the prison guard in charge of Piper’s intake, her relationship with C.O. Scott O’Neill drew out her more tender side. It is their love that is likely the cause of Litchfield’s bed bug outbreak. We learn that the two were planning on eloping because Bell refuses to cry in front of her mother. All emotional from Lorna Morello‘s wedding, she allows her and her new husband to have a conjugal visit, despite Officer Healy‘s bitter forbidding words.

In season two, she was looking for a new job, as is suggested by  her asking advice of the woman who comes to Litchfield for the job fair. Her inclination to go somewhere else is only confirmed when Litchfield Penitentiary becomes privatized by the MCC, which cuts her hours and her benefits. This leads her and O’Neill to join a union group to help get their hours and benefits back.

While in the surveillance  box one night, C.O. Donaldson finds her reading Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren‘s Time Hump Chronicles, which she seemingly enjoys. It is her observation that he bears a striking similarity to one of the characters that leads to the destruction of the original manuscript.

When Caputo reports to the prison guards that he has been promoted, she and O’Neill walk out of the break room.

In season 4, we see her and O’Neill walking out of the prison. Even though they notice the chaos, she reassures him that they are “done.” From here, C.O. Bell becomes a crossing guard at a school,  never to return to Litchfield.


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