Give Your Valentine Something Orange This Year

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Get the Black Cindy Chasing Judy King Photo for Your Phone!

Black Cindy Judy King

College v. Grad School

College-Grad School Complete

NYC Pride: Watch the Cast Live Tomorrow, June 26, @ 12:30 PM EST

The live stream will take place on the OITNB Facebook page. 🙂 Happy pride, ya’ll!

#AskOrange 2016: Cast Members Respond to Literary Litchfield’s Questions


Literary Litchfield asked Julie Lake (Angie Rice), “When can we expect more George & Julie? [Julie’s YouTube series). Lake answers, “Aww I wish! George ran away 😦 but my new show Mental will come out this fall! Thank you for watching :)”


Literary Litchfield asked Joel Marsh Garland (C.O. Scott O’Neill), “I miss your character SOO much this season! What’s next for you?” Garland responded, “Plenty. @GhostTeamMovie is coming in August. @AMCFeedtheBeast is out now. More movies this fall.”


Literary Litchfield asked Brad William Henke (C.O. Desi Piscatella), “What do you think is Piscatella’s main problem with the inmates?” Henke responded, “their complete lack of discipline.”


Literary Litchfield asked Tamara Torres (the Weeping Woman) “Will we see more of your character? I wish you [had] a backstory–and a real name!” Torres responded, “thank you! I hope so. It would be a wonderful gift to get a backstory. There is a name in my tags.” Literary Litchfield then responded, “I have to look more carefully! :).” Torres responded with a heart emoji.


Literary Litchfield asked Jolene Purdy (Hapakuka) “Which character(s) do you think will reach out to your [character] in future seasons?” Purdy responded “I’d love for #soso and #hapakuka to connect. I think they’d be good friends.”


Literary Litchfield asked Michael Harney (Counselor Sam Healy) “Looked like your uniform was waterproof in E11. Was it?” Harney responded, “no.”

Laura Gomez (Blanca Flores) responds to an #AskOrange 2016 question

Laura Gomez (Blanca Flores) responds to an #AskOrange 2016 question

Tanya Wright (Crystal Burset)

Literary Litchfield asked Tanya Wright (Crystal Burset), “Has playing Crystal taught you more about the trans community? Did you learn anything from this role?” Wright responded, “taught me tons! Check out my timeline–write a @HuffPost blog all about it:)”

TBT: I was on OITNB’s Instagram!

Behind Twaim ME

Scene from OITNB S4 Released in Official GIFs!

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Courtesy of OTINB’s Tumblr.

Our Thoughts and Prayers Are with the Families of the Orlando Victims


Flashback Friday: Dascha Polanco


Did You Know? Danielle Brooks’ Mother Is a Minister and Her Father Is a Deacon

Danielle Brooks