Season 1

Season 1 treatments are broken down into themes and incorporate discussions from the entire first season.

Sexism and Power Struggle

The correctional officers, mainly male, rule over the powerless female inmates. As a result, they become “territorial” and condescending. What happens, however, when a powerful woman rules over the all? Despite the idealistic notion that a woman in power should “smash” the Patriarchy and restore balance between women and men, Natalie Figueroa demonstrates her willingness … Continue reading Sexism and Power Struggle

The Cycle of Incarceration: Education and Class in Litchfield

Among the dozens of factors separating and classifying the women of Litchfield, education and socioeconomic standing create the biggest divide. Those who are repeat offenders often have little or no education or socioeconomic support upon leaving prison; first-timers like Piper Chapman (“rich bitches,” as Pennsatucky calls them in 109) often are in for minor offenses … Continue reading The Cycle of Incarceration: Education and Class in Litchfield

Racism in the Litch

Jenji Kohan has a knack for representing racism when it comes to the populations of prison: white, black, Latina, and others. While many of the remarks made are based on stereotypes, several characters validate as well as invalidate these generalizations. To illustrate the racial divide (white, black Hispanic, golden girls & others), the Women’s Advisory … Continue reading Racism in the Litch

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