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OITNB Stars’ Top Contraband Choices if They Were Imprisoned

On  June 11, 2015, the cast of Orange is the new Black gathered for Netflix’s first ever OrangeCon. During the Q&A panel, they were asked what contraband they would bring in if they were imprisoned. The women answered as follows (Click each picture to view their answers):

Watch the cast give their answers below.

#OrangeCon Full Q&A Panel (Credit: SharonaBarnes)

WATCH: #OrangeCon Q&A Panel (Literary Litchfield’s Videos)







#OrangeCon: Kate Mulgrew & Taylor Schilling Approach Autographing Table

OrangeCon Photos (Finally)

OrangeCon Slideshow (All)

#OrangeCon SideReel

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In the spirit of sharing the experience of OrangeCon with you all, I will be live tweeting the entire event for those of you who are unable to attend for whatever reason.

Both my girlfriend and I will be attending, so we will try to score extra stuff to get signed by the cast to give away to all of you! Oh, and see those bracelets up there? I’ll be giving those out at the event, but I’ll also be saving some for you guys!!!

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OrangeCon a “Zero-Sum Game Promotion for Netflix”


VideoInk weighs the pros and cons of holding the latest convict-centered convention (yes, I just got the pun on OrangeCon, too) in New York and at no cost to one of the major television and film streaming services.

Author Allen Weiner believes that Netflix is aiming to get the publicity for the conference – tweets, social media posts, snapchats, and more – in order to start a trend for other networks and television series. If it goes well, Netflix could be making history. And I believe they already are.

200 winners were selected from their ongoing contests and promotion activities conducted through Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, and according to all advertising, it seems as though the event will be entirely free.

To read the entire opinion column, click the image above.