The OITNB Opening Sequence Reimagined: A Sims 3 Simulation

Cast of ‘Orange’ Made on Sims 4! [CaithlinSims]

Piper Chapman, Alex Vause, Lorna Morella, Suzanne Warren, Red, Yoga Jones, Taystee and Stella Carlin are all created in the Sims 4 Create-a-Sim program.

Awesome Speed-Painting of Uzo Aduba

WOW! This Fan Art Is INCREDIBLE! PixelGoesAmerica

Alex Vause by PixelGoesAmerica

Created by PixelGoesAmerica

Created by PixelGoesAmerica

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WATCH: Left in the Attic’s Cover of “You’ve Got Time”




We’re looking for the most hardcore fans out there! Submit your #OITNB fan art (to Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram) by 5/26 for a chance to win tickets. More #OrangeCon challenges to come. Stay tuned. Complete rules:

Orange Is the New App


Orange Is the New App is a fun app meant to send face-in-the-hole pictures of yourself as your favorite inmates to your friends, as well as for great OITNB-inspired e-cards. Download OITNA for free today for iPhone & Android.

OITNB Paper Dolls – Printable!

I found these paper dolls on the OITNB Tumblr page, but credit is due to Emily Niland.

PD Alex PD Daya PD Janae PD Piper PD Red PD Sophia

PD Taystee

Parody: “Tabby Is the New Cat”