How Laura Prepon Plans to Balance Motherhood with Orange


Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) pictured in the prison yard looking suspicious of her surroundings.

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NEW Promo Pictures for OITNB Season 4

Laura Prepon: “The thing about our show is you can’t take it personally.”

Laura Prepon spoke to Marie Claire about Orange Is the New Black‘s ability to challenge audiences. When asked about how her own beliefs match or clash with that of the show, Prepon said:

“The thing about our show is you can’t take it personally. We go after everything–racism, religion, same-sex orientation. Audiences are smart. They want to be challenged and made to think about things, whether they agree with them or not. I don’t know, there are a lot of moments on the show where I’m like, ‘okay, interesting…’ but you’re playing a character. At the end of the day, it’s a television show, and I always try to separate my personal ethics and morals if it makes sense for the character and the material. We’re hired to do our job. To pretend. And you do the best you can.”

Prepon has spoken previously about belonging to the church of Scientology, which has been speculated of being homophobic. So this might suggest that Prepon’s own beliefs are against what her own character, Alex Vause, identifies as. Regardless of her beliefs, it seems as though her role on the show is even opening her mind.

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Laura Prepon: Writing, Researching, and Her Next Film

Laura Prepon Architectural Digest

Laura Prepon spoke to Architectural Digest last week and revealed what’s up next for her.

It seems as though Prepon’s got directing on the mind. She told AD that she only leases apartments that stimulate her creatively because when she’s at home, she “writing” or “working on a script.”

Prepon’s home is just as large as her backyard, and her home on the inside feels just as outdoorsy. With plenty of hardwood floors, open windows, and fountains, Prepon has her own slice of paradise in LA.

She’s also been watching a lot of comedians on television and live for research on her next role. Prepon is set to play a comedian in an upcoming film, The Hero. She told AD that comedians like Chelsea Handler (who she portrayed in Are You There, Chelsea? in 2012) and Amy Schumer are helping her to shape her role.

Dexter Is the New Black: Season 4 Dexter References You Might’ve Missed

If you’re as big as a television buff as I am, you’ll notice that specific actors are deliberately plucked from the acting trenches for specific roles. Season 4 of Orange Is the New Black is no exception. WARNING: Spoilers for Season 4 episode 10 as well as major spoilers for Dexter season 1 and minor spoilers for seasons 2 and 7.

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JUICY Last-Minute Details: Vanity Fair & Digital Spy on Season 4 [Spoilers!]

Maria Ruiz is going to successfully take charge of Piper Chapman’s prison panty empire.

Piper Chapman, Alex Vause, and a third mystery actress will have one intense scene in a cornfield together. Vanity Fair pinpoints this scene as “some of the best acting of the show’s whole run.”

Lolly Whitehill, Maritza Ramos, and Aleida Diaz are going to endure quite a bit of heartbreak this season. My best guesses are the fact that Lolly is going to come to terms with what created her paranoia–likely through flashback storytelling. Maritza is walking directly into the malignant grasp of C.O. Charlie Coates. Aleida will likely be shut out of Daya‘s life entirely.

Vanity Fair additionally reports that a lot of events will occur up through episode six, when things really start to set into motion and explode.

Other topics have been identified for this season’s discussions: the disenfranchisement of the United States prison population, the amorality of corporate greed, and the longevity of rape culture.

And there’s one HELL of an ending we get to look forward to this season! The writer feels that Orange has always been a pioneer in exposing the injustices of America; however, season four allows the show to “finally fin[d] its message.”

Digital Spy also reported that the very first episode “features on of the show’s very darkest scenes to date.”

Judy King has been singled out as Litchfield’s newest villain who has been sent to Litchfield to make each of the inmates’ lives a a living Hell.

Our favorite inmates sent to Maximum Security and the SHU will be reappearing in the first half of the season (that means Nicky Nichols, Sophia Burset, and possibly even Stella Carlin and Miss Claudette Pelage!).

The very first episode will not feature a single flashback, making this the very first episode in the show’s history to not do so.

FELON PROFILE: Alex Vause [Season 3 Update & Season 4 Predicitons]

imageAlex Vause (portrayed by Laura Prepon)–also known as “sasquatch” (Pennsatucky), “the hot one,” and “the Bettie Page of Litchfield” (Joel Luschek)–is Piper Chapman’s on again-off again girlfriend. While she was once (according to Piper) “the wolf that eats the lamb,” Vause relinquishes her power as one of Litchfield Penitentiary’s biggest badasses and softens up in season three once she is thrown back in jail for violating her parole (due to paranoid self-defense), convinced that Kubra Balik is sending his men to kill her. Quite simply, without Vause, we would have no Orange Is the New Black.

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