BERLIN, Freida

Freida Berlin (portrayed by Dale Soules) is part of the Golden Girls of Litchfield, and she assists Red in her greenhouse contraband operation in season two. One of her most notable features is her octopus tattoo, which is sprawled across her shoulder, neck, and chest. While we don’t know much about her, she revealed that she cut off her husband’s penis with a knife that “wasn’t even sharp.”


In season three, she remains in the greenhouse, despite the fact that the manhole has been cemented up to prevent further issues surrounding its ability to import contraband into Litchfield. While she was largely against doing so, Freida knew that she inevitably had no say in the matter.

Looking to drum up business elsewhere, she suggests to Red that they should grow a corn field and rent out the privacy of the tall stalks like motel rooms. When Red squashes her idea, she applies for the new job with Whispers, which she gets.

Aside from joining Norma‘s spirituality circle, Freida remains in the background of season three.

Freida returns to the center stage in season 4 when she discovers Aydin’s cold body hidden beneath a tarp in the greenhouse. Though Alex Vause and Lolly Whitehill scramble to hide their involvement, she knows better and saves them the trouble by offering to help with its dismemberment and disposal.

When she notices that Lolly is having trouble handling their greenhouse secret, she suggests to Vause that they are going to have to kill her. Having been harvesting oleander in the garden in anticipation of having to protect herself, she plans on serving Lolly a toxic tea, but Red defers her from doing so and instead encourages her to let Lolly’s peculiarity speak for itself without drawing more attention to her. Knowing that she would be risking going to Maximum Security if she killed Lolly, Red successfully persuades her to do nothing.

When the body is eventually unearthed by the construction program, Freida is beside herself when she is not one of the suspects called for interrogation, especially since she murdered four people in a year.