Correctional Officer Wade Donaldson (portrayed by Brendan Burke) has worked at Litchfield Penitentiary for roughly the same amount of time as C.O.s O’Neill and Bell. Donaldson comes into the forefront in season 3 when Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren uses him for inspiration for Space Admiral Rodcocker in her work, The Time Hump Chronicles. However, Donaldson is made privy to this fact when he reads the work for himself.

Due to the tumultuous administration upheaval and changes to his benefits and hours, he quits his job at the end of the season.

In season 4, Joe Caputo spots him busing tables at a local restaurant. When he receives a $20 tip from Caputo, Donaldson chases him and Linda Ferguson out to the parking lot, shouting “I don’t need your money, Mr. Caputo. This isn’t to help me.” After accusing him of paying him to ease his conscience, Caputo insults him and forces the $20 into his pocket before walking away, claiming that he feels “sorry” for the former guard who left them in their time of need.