Gina Murphy (portrayed by Abigail Savage) is one of Red’s kitchen aids. Through season one, we don’t see much of her other than the fact that she carries out Red’s revenge on other inmates. In season one, Gina is in command of the food counter, obeying Red’s will in who will eat and who will starve. However, Murphy also pays the price for her spite. When Gloria Mendoza is appointed to take over the kitchen, Red greases up the ovens, causing a grease fire, Murphy takes the fall for “negligence.”

Left with a nasty scar on her neck from the grease fire and a stubborn grudge against Red for inflicting it upon her, Gina recedes farther into the background in season two. She remains Norma Romano‘s pal, but refuses to engage with Red any further than small talk.

Red and Gina

Gina joins Berdie Rogers‘ drama class in order to work out her anger toward her “emotionally manipulative asshat of a mother.”

Remaining loyal to her friendship with Norma, Gina appreciates the benefits of her friend’s healing touch. Once the demand for her powers becomes overwhelming, Gina and the Weeping Woman approach Norma about beginning group meetings. However, once the group begins to fall apart and Norma’s miracles begin to fail or peter out altogether, she and the other inmates question her true abilities.

Seeing as Norma and Red make up at the end of season three, we can expect atonement between Gina and Red as well for season four. Gina might even begin working in the kitchen again.

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